YOU Time: Vape Edition

We’ve all been there: those days where the house gets wrecked by Hurricane Children. We all know that sometimes, in order to keep our sanity, we need to step away and just breathe. While music may be a great tool to help your little one relax, all us parents typically need a little extra to get us to a feeling of pure relaxation. When the wine won’t cut it and there’s no chance of calling in a babysitter for the night, it is time to take out the trusted vape for some good ole fashioned quality adult time.

Once the kids are put down to sleep, nothing sounds more enjoyable than relaxing on the patio in a nice, comfy chair with my vape in hand. There’s no worry about cleaning an ash tray, bringing in a horrible smell, or all those nasty health issues. I get to be in the moment and just reflect on my thoughts or get away from my thoughts, whichever I need at the moment.

The biggest reason I mention vaping is because I know that, for the most part, there is something for everyone to enjoy. With such a vast variety of options to choose from, it is really hard to not find something. My mother, who gave up smoking years ago, will even join me sometimes for some quality girl time and will make comments about how delicious the taste is. I make that point to show that vaping is only for those looking to quit smoking, it is truly a hobby for everyone and anyone.

If you don’t have one already, you will first need to look into purchasing a mod or maybe even just a starter kit to get you started. I personally went straight to purchasing a mod and I figured everything else out on the way. After you have made that purchase, your next concern is going to be ejuice. This is the fluid you will put inside your tank to supply you with such a delectable taste. This may be a little overwhelming at first, but I assure you, it is really simple.  

When it comes to choosing a flavor, a personal recommendation of mine would be any of the flavors manufactured by One Hit Wonder. If you don’t know too much about the vape industry, this company is pretty well known for serving high quality juices, which is why I trust them as my go-to provider. They offer more flavorful and refreshing tastes that will really have you kicking up your feet, at least from my experience it did.

The important thing to take away from this little “PSA” is that you should always make time for yourself, even if it is just when the kids are in bed: MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF! This makes for a happy parent and a happy parent equals a happy household. So logically speaking, by making time for yourself, you are actually be considerate to those in your household. Think about that.

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